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Raffles and the law

    Running a raffle?

    Some things you should know ...

    When tickets are on sale to the general public

    The organisation running the draw must be registered with the local authority.

    Each ticket must specify:

    • the name of the organisation running the draw
    • the date and place of the draw
    • the name and address of the promoter
    • the name of the local authority with whom the organisation is registered
    • the price of the ticket (maximum £1)

    It is illegal to offer free tickets (for example, 25p each or 5 for £1).

    Private Lotteries

    If ticket sales are restricted to members of one society, or persons who either live or work together on the same premises, it is not necessary to register with the local authority.

    Tickets must state the promoters' names and addresses and the persons to whom ticket sales are restricted. (There is standard wording for this!)

    Lottery Licenses

    can be obtained from the local authority and are renewable on an annual basis.

    Registered Charities

    are legally required to state they are a 'registered charity' or include their Charity Registration Number, on the ticket.


    It is an offence to print or sell draw tickets which do not comply with the legal requirements.

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