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    Church Publicity & Printing

    These days, any publicity has to compete with the powerful glossy enticements published by the big companies. Gone are the days when a duplicated, typed, newsletter distributed to the parish had any effect!

    But not many churches or Christian organisations have the budgets of large companies!

    So, because we are Christians, we can help!

    Our main aim is to help promote the Christian faith through professional, smart publicity. So, if your budget won't stetch to much, give us a ring and see what can be done with limited resources.

    Some items that churches and Christian organisations need include:

    • Leaflets
    • 'Order of Service' books
    • Parish newsletters/magazines
    • Invitations
    • Booklets introducing a specific church or activity
    • Prayer cards
    • Childrens' worksheets/activity booklets
    • 'Holiday Club' material

    Other items that may be of use include:

    • Note/Jotter pads
    • Headed paper
    • Service sheets for personal services (funeral, christening, etc.)
    • Fund raising items

    And, of course, there's the many items specific to your own church or organisation

    • Membership cards
    • Youth club material
    • Sunday School workbooks
    • 'History of the building' booklets
    • 'Welcome' packs
    • Team badges
    • Car stickers

    The requirements tend to go on and on and on and ...

    But we can help keep your costs for any such items to an absolute minimum.

    Just give us a ring and we're happy to help - even if all you want is ideas and advice. There's no obligation to place an order!


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