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    Our business philosophy:

    We are a Christian family.

    If you're not a Christian, we really hope that statement doesn't put you off!
    Most businesses today seem to want to make as much money as possible -
    whether they need it or not!
    They charge 'according to what the market will stand'. In other words, they
    base their charges on what they can get away with, rather than on the actual
    costs of the work.

    We want to charge only a realistic rate, based entirely on what the job
    costs to produce.
    This means some very pleasant surprises!
    Our aim was (and still is) to offer high quality publicity and information
    material to financially hard-pressed organisations - particularly the
    Christian church. As many will know, the Christian message includes love, hope,
    and fairness - surely obvious ideals for everyone?

    So why are so many businesses dedicated to monetary greed,
    power, destruction of rivals and of people. I wish I knew the answer.

    So we try to spread the Christian message by offering services to Christian
    organisations at very low cost.

    At the same time, working on very much reduced profit margins for all our customers!

    Jesus said: 'What will you gain if you own the whole world, but destroy yourself?
    What would you give to get back your soul?'    (Matthew 16:26)


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